Japanese Quality Products Made in Indonesia

About PT.SNI

Achieve the highest quality nonwoven fabric production in Surabaya, Indonesia.

Shinwa Co., Ltd., a nonwoven fabric manufacturer with a history of about 70 years in Japan, transferred its advanced nonwoven fabric manufacturing technology and established a new subsidiary with manufacturing capabilities in the suburbs of Surabaya, Indonesia. This is PT. SHINWA NONWOVENS INDONESIA (PT.SNI).

Manufacturing Methods,
Quality Control

Spunlaced nonwoven fabric is manufactured by Japanese standard technology and quality control.

PT.SNI manufactures spunlace nonwovens, which entangle fibers at high water pressure. The Introduction of Japan's advanced technology and quality control systems has enabled us to achieve stable production of high-quality spunlaced nonwovens.


Jl. Kraton Industri Raya No 6-8 PIER, Pasuruan, 67151, Jawa Timur, Indonesia
TEL. +62-343-675-1111 / FAX. +62-343-675-0000

About Shinwa Co., Ltd.

The parent company of PT.SNI, Shinwa Co., Ltd. has a history of about 70 years and is headquartered in Shikokuchuo City, Ehime Prefecture. We have established and carried out an internal comprehensive system from development to manufacturing, processing, quality control, and retail of various nonwoven fabrics.